Christmas Time Putty Slime Assortment (... ₦1,500.00
Cute theme tub of Christmas putty, different color each tub comes with a different letter, good sized tub (7cm x 2cm) so a good amount of squishy putty is in there. Lots of fun for kids with these, they love the feeling of being squashed. Note: Each sold separately.
Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Crunchy Slime Pla... ₦15,000.00
Nickelodeon Crunchy Slime Kit by Cra-Z-Art. The ultimate DIY crunchy slime set for any slime lover! Slime kit combines two very popular trends: crunchy slime making and foam beads, creating oooey goooey crunchy fun! This super crunchy but non-sticky slime can be stretched and molded without tearing. Feeling creative? Make several varieties of crunchy slime with this all-inclusive kit! Perfect for parties, arts and crafts, school projects, and more! Comes with everything you need: 1 clear glue (4 fl oz/118 ml) each, 1 bottle slime activator (2 fl oz/59.1 ml), 2 pots colorant (0.17 fl oz/5 ml) each, 1 bag of foam beads (.07 oz/2 g), 1 measuring cup, 2 cups with lids, 3 slime sticks, 2 mixing bowls, 1 spoon, and easy to follow instructions! Slime is clean, safe, easy to use and non-toxic. Product Details Includes everything you need for making DIY crunchy slime. Super crunchy but non-sticky slime can be stretched and molded without tearing. Can be used for school projects, arts and crafts, birthday parties, and more. Slime is clean, safe, Easy to use, and non-toxic.
Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Jelly Donut Squee... ₦16,900.00
Nickelodeon Jelly donut slime squeeze by Cra-Z-Art! Create A delicious jelly donut squeeze that looks like the real thing! All you need to do is fill it, squeeze it, and ooze it for hours of fun! The slime Jelly donut looks and smells so real you won't believe it's Not! Add some beads to create the ultimate sprinkle Jelly donut squeeze. Can be used for school projects, arts and crafts, birthday parties, and more! This jelly donut squeeze includes 1 slow-rising donut, 2 bags of scented Pre-Made slime, and 1 bag of beads. Slime is clean, safe, easy to use, and non-toxic PRODUCT DIMENSION:12X2X10 INCHES ITEM WEIGHT: 15.2 OUNCES MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDED AGE: 6-8YEARS
Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Slime Automatic S... ₦15,000.00
Slime has a long history in popular culture for fun, gooey, gross out play, and always delivers laughs! make your own Slime with Nickelodeon’s Slime bath – refill pack. For added fun use with the automatic Slime Drencher game sold separately. The refill pack includes 3 7.5Gram packs of Slime powder and 18 balloons. 1) pour in 1/3 of packet into one balloon 2) add water to balloon 3) close top to balloon and shake 4) now you are ready for Slime!. one pack of 7.5G of Slime powder equals, one litre of Slime. One litre of Slime equals, 6 balloons! recommended for ages 6 and up. Don't get slimed with the Nickelodeon Automatic Slime Drencher game. Wind it up, pass it around, and watch out! The game include the Automatic Slime Drencher, 4 7.5gram packs of slime power, 24 balloons, and 1 balloon filler. Mix with water to make your own slime. Fill up a balloon, and load it in to the Automatic Slime Drencher. Wind up the game and pass it around, but don't get caught. When the timer runs out you get slimed! Balloon refill packs sold separately for more fun. DIMENSION: 12.7X5.1X2.0.2 centimeter ITEM WEIGHT: 10.2 ounces MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDATION AGE: 6-9 years
Cra-Z-Art Nickelodeon Slime Kit, Super ... ₦15,000.00
With the Nickelodeon Slime Super Pack by Cra-Z-Art, you can make over 2 pounds of amazing, blue glitter slime! This kit includes all of the ingredients you need to mix and make their very own coolest, stretchiest, and sparkliest slime! This DIY kit includes everything you need: 2 bottles of clear glue (6 ounces), one bottle of blue glitter glue (6 ounces), one pot of blue colorant (.17 ounces), and one bottle of slime activator. Easy to follow instructions on how to make your slime are also included on the back of the box. Just add water! And with over 2 pounds, you can create one big batch or several smaller batches. Great fun for kids 6 and up. Slime is safe and nontoxic. It's Slime Time! Includes everything you need to make over 2 pounds of blue slime Perfect for parties, STEM learning, and more For ages 6 and up Safe and non-toxic