Here’s Why Every Child Needs Play-Doh

Heres Why Every Child Needs Play-Doh MasterKids

Play-Doh can be so messy and annoying, that’s why most mummies don’t like it. It gets all over the place. You’d be walking to the kitchen minding your business and you will just squish a lump underfoot. It gets stuck on furniture, and your little one might decide to have it for breakfast, but here’s some good news – its non-toxic.

I don’t mean it’s safe to swallow but you don’t need to call the ambulance if she chews on it a little before you catch her. While the disadvantages may seem much, you don’t have to seize it just yet as Play-Doh does have a lot of amazing benefits.


Activities with Play-Doh perfects hand to eye coordination; your kid gets to identify different colours. They will try to mould them into shapes; they will talk to them and sometimes count the pieces. It encourages curiosity and learning. All these are cognitive.


Play-Doh is malleable and very easy to manipulate. Your kids will pinch, squeeze, pull, flatten, roll, and squish. It builds muscle strength, tendons in wrists and teaches them adaptive skills like; use of utensil, concentration, holding a pencil, buttoning, zippering, kneading etc


Stress balls don’t have anything on Play-Doh. The monotonous handling of the dough encourages kids to relax and express themselves by singing and talking.


Play-Doh brings your child’s creativity to life most of all. They will create food, people, animals, superheroes, and act 2 seasons of the movie they will produce and direct themselves. It helps them to explore their imagination and it’s always a glorious thing to watch come alive.


When you join your kids in a Play-Doh activity, they will take advantage of the together time and ask questions, learning new stuff from you.


Play-Doh is more fun when there are a lot of hands involved. By playing with other people, your children learn how to be sociable.

Lastly, it encourages kids to just be kids. They like to pull things apart and put them together. They are curious about colours, textures and shapes. Play-Doh can be all of that.

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Enjoy your weekend!