Squeezamals: 3 Deez Assortment

ā‚¦9,400.00 NGN

Squeezamals: 3 Deez Assortment

ā‚¦9,400.00 NGN
Product description


This charming Squeezamals character line is filled with animals of all shapes and sizes! The soft touch and squeeze with a slow rise makes it extra engaging and fun for kids as they create stories with each new friend! These plushies are also scented to smell yummy and appealing.

Squeezamals 3Deez characters are fun and playful ā€“ adventures are endless as you can create your own stories with each new companion. Squeezamals 3Deez are fun for nearly all ages 3 and up! The collection of characters is HUGE, so plenty to collect!

Squeezamal is the softest, cutest plush you've ever held! They are made of a super-squishy material, so when you squeeze them down you can watch them form back to life! You have to feel them for yourself.


  • Adorable Characters, with so many to collect!
  • Sweetly Scented, stuffed animals never smelled so GOOD!
  • Squishy and slowwwwwww, rise!
  • Safe Non-toxic Materials
  • size approx: 3.5" H
  • THE NEXT GENERATION OF SQUEEZAMALS PRODUCTS: Squeezamals are now full figural with the new 3Deez Style!
  • Sweetly Scented- These 3.5-inch or 8-inch plush companions aren't just fun and soft to touch - they also smell delicious! Characters that engage multiple senses as kids play- touch, sight, smell. šŸ‰
  • Each stuffed Squeezamals 3Deez character is absolutely adorable! With a collection that ranges from Dinos and Unicorns to Cats and Dogs, there is a Squeezamals 3Deez for everyone!
  • Slow-rise: All our Squeezamals are slow rise plush, due to their memory-foam stuffing. Perfect for little hands, or even big ones for a stressless squeeze!
  • Made With High Quality, Safe Materials - Our toys for kids are designed for durability so they can withstand hours of enthusiastic pretend play and affectionate squeezes by little hands. When you receive a stuffed animal from the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, you can rest assured- quality plush with materials made to give you a lifetime of hugs and play.

NOTE: Each sold separately

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