Munchkin Color Me Hungry Splash 7pc Toddler Dining Set – Purple

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Munchkin Color Me Hungry Splash 7pc Toddler Dining Set – Purple

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Product description

Designed to encourage independent feeding with deep walls for easy scooping. The plates and bowls in this set are perfectly sized to fit on highchairs or a table. Equipped with a grippy underside to reduce movement, this set is great for self-feeders.

Sometimes all it takes is fun tableware to make a meal interesting for kids. Set the table in toddler-friendly style with this sweet dining set featuring our Splash™ collection! Designed especially for little mouths and hands, the set brings self-feeding up several notches with comfy, easy-grip handles on the fork, spoon and kid-safe knife; grippy bottoms and deep walls on the plates and bowl, and an array of fun, peppy colors to choose from. BPA-free and dishwasher safe, these are a definite dining do! Toddlers love eating like grown-ups, and because they come in a variety of colors, these sets are perfect for color-coding in households with multiple kids. The whimsical box doubles as a surface for coloring, too. Color us hungry -- and happy!

These durable training plates help self feeders easily scoop up food with the high side walls. The divided plates have deep sloping sides to keep food separated. These plates also include grippy bottoms to help stabilize the dish. Color coordinated press-fit training lids direct the flow of liquid to reduce messes while little hands learn to use a big kid cup. Designed especially for little mouths and hands, this fork, knife and spoon set brings self-feeding up a notch with comfy, easy-to-grip handles. Created with safety at top of mind, this flatware set is safe for toddlers, but also effective at picking up or cutting food.

A mealtime makeover that's toddler (and parent) approved!

  • 7 piece dining set: divided plate, flat plate, bowl, cup with training lid, fork, knife, & spoon
  • Gift box features a unicorn themed coloring activity
  • Plates and bowls have grippy bottoms and deep walls for easy scooping
  • Cup with training lid aids self-drinking while reducing the likelihood of spills
  • Utensils are ergonomically designed for small hands
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA-free
  • 18m+

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