Barbie Extra Minis Doll #6 (5.5 In) In Fashion & Accessories, With Doll Stand


Barbie Extra Minis Doll #6 (5.5 In) In Fashion & Accessories, With Doll Stand

Product description

Meet the most EXTRA small dolls -the Barbie Extra Minis. They're just like the over-the-top Barbie Extra dolls -but miniaturized! Posable and playful in looks made to slay, these 5.5-inch dolls are mini with oversized personalities and aesthetics. Each doll comes with extra-long rooted hair, a playful fashion and over-the-top accessories.

With posability at the elbows and knees, these small dolls are ready to strike a pose! And with a doll stand for each, kids can create their own Barbie Extra Minis display! Minified with extra vibes, these small dolls make a BIG statement. Can you say oh-my-MINI Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Product Details

  • Barbie Extra Minis are 5.5-inch dolls in looks made to slay, featuring over-the-top fashion and accessory pieces, plus a Barbie Extra Minis branded doll stand!
  • This Barbie Extra Minis doll rocks extra-long, wavy rainbow hair styled in pigtails and a pink vinyl overall skirt worn over a daisy-print dress..
  • Her accessories, like a flower-shaped purse, daisy sunglasses, earrings and boots take her look to the next level!
  • With an included doll stand and posability at the elbows and knees, this small doll is perfect for fashion play or a Barbie Extra Minis display.
  • Barbie Extra Minis make great gifts for kids 3 to 10 years old, especially those who love to be extra themselves!


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