Barbie Color Reveal Glitter! Bows HBG40

₦56,700.00 NGN

Barbie Color Reveal Glitter! Bows HBG40

₦56,700.00 NGN
Product description

This Barbie Color Reveal glitter! With 25 surprises, the hair changing dolls offer the ultimate unpacking fun - simply open the front side and find 15 surprise bags with hidden accessories as well as a Barbie Color Reveal container designed like a hair spray bottle! Remove the blue glitter covered Color Reveal Barbie doll from the container, fill it with warm water, then dip the doll in the water and turn it back and forth. The water changes colour and the floating shimmering glitter creates a magical effect. When you take the doll out, her exterior reveals itself. Other surprises include 10 hair pieces, a pet, fashions, accessories, a disco ball with confetti and more.

With the clip-on hairpieces, the Barbie doll and her animal friend can always try new hairstyles. It's fun to switch from one look to the next. There are so many cool hairstyles to discover! And that's not all... with ice cold water, the colour changing effects can be activated, such as on the lips of the Barbie doll or on the face of her little darling. Children can experience these colour changing moments with cold or warm water again and again. All items sold separately. The dolls cannot stand on their own. Please allow for variations in colour and design.

  • With 25 surprises in one pack, Barbie Color Reveal Glitter, the hair change dolls offer the ultimate unpacking fun thanks to a washable glitter layer and 10 clip-on hairpieces that can be combined with new hairstyles
  • To unpack this multi-piece set, children open the outer packaging and find 15 surprise bags as well as a container designed like a hair spray bottle. After removing the packaging lid, a children's size hair tie waits
  • Then unscrew the lid of the container and remove a doll covered from head to toe with blue colour reveal glitter, but the pack is not yet empty: it also contains a pet and 10 colourful hairpieces that match the doll and her companion in different combinations - simply create a look and then change to the next
  • To reveal the mysterious doll, fill the container with warm water, dip the doll back and forth, the water magically absorbs a glittering blue hue. Remove the doll and admire her new look - she wears a body with funny bow print
  • The remaining surprise bags include other accessories: a skirt, a pair of shoes, a handbag, a brush, a necklace, earrings, a feather boa, hair accessories, a disco ball and confetti

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