Classic Jenga Game ₦23,400.00
Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? You gotta get the Classic Jenga game! It’s the perfect game for everyone, with edge-of-your-seat, gravity-defying action. Do you dive right in and pull your block, or take your time and study the stack? Any way you choose, show your Jenga style! Includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions . Features: Keep the tower from crashing down It takes skill, strategy, and luck! It’s fun, not fussy Challenge yourself or play with friends Genuine hardwood blocks Simple, solid, and timeless Ages 6 and up. For 1 or more players How do you stack up? It’s a simple equation. Gather your friends together, throw in a lot of laughter and a little attitude, and get the Classic Jenga party started. Pull the block, stack it on top, and hope the tower doesn’t crash down! Classic Jenga is the easy game that you can play anytime, anywhere – and any way you like. Whether you are serene, scientific, or sneaky when you choose your block, you’ll have fun. Be the life of your party with Classic Jenga! Includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions . Features: Keep the tower from crashing down It takes skill, strategy, and luck! It’s fun, not fussy Challenge yourself or play with friends Genuine hardwood blocks Simple, solid, and timeless Ages 6 and up. For 1 or more players
Barbie Color Reveal Glitter! Bows HBG40 ₦56,700.00
This Barbie Color Reveal glitter! With 25 surprises, the hair changing dolls offer the ultimate unpacking fun - simply open the front side and find 15 surprise bags with hidden accessories as well as a Barbie Color Reveal container designed like a hair spray bottle! Remove the blue glitter covered Color Reveal Barbie doll from the container, fill it with warm water, then dip the doll in the water and turn it back and forth. The water changes colour and the floating shimmering glitter creates a magical effect. When you take the doll out, her exterior reveals itself. Other surprises include 10 hair pieces, a pet, fashions, accessories, a disco ball with confetti and more. With the clip-on hairpieces, the Barbie doll and her animal friend can always try new hairstyles. It's fun to switch from one look to the next. There are so many cool hairstyles to discover! And that's not all... with ice cold water, the colour changing effects can be activated, such as on the lips of the Barbie doll or on the face of her little darling. Children can experience these colour changing moments with cold or warm water again and again. All items sold separately. The dolls cannot stand on their own. Please allow for variations in colour and design. With 25 surprises in one pack, Barbie Color Reveal Glitter, the hair change dolls offer the ultimate unpacking fun thanks to a washable glitter layer and 10 clip-on hairpieces that can be combined with new hairstyles To unpack this multi-piece set, children open the outer packaging and find 15 surprise bags as well as a container designed like a hair spray bottle. After removing the packaging lid, a children's size hair tie waits Then unscrew the lid of the container and remove a doll covered from head to toe with blue colour reveal glitter, but the pack is not yet empty: it also contains a pet and 10 colourful hairpieces that match the doll and her companion in different combinations - simply create a look and then change to the next To reveal the mysterious doll, fill the container with warm water, dip the doll back and forth, the water magically absorbs a glittering blue hue. Remove the doll and admire her new look - she wears a body with funny bow print The remaining surprise bags include other accessories: a skirt, a pair of shoes, a handbag, a brush, a necklace, earrings, a feather boa, hair accessories, a disco ball and confetti
Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby Doll - Flamingo ₦53,500.00
Pamper baby with spa day accessories to make her feel glamourous! With ice cold water, fill the pretend nail polish bottle and give Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby doll a color reveal mani-pedi. Then fill a bowl with ice cold water and soak doll’s mask -- apply to her face and remove for a gorgeous eye makeup reveal! This adorable 12.4-inch waterplay doll comes wearing an aqua molded swimsuit and attached themed headband. She also features flamingo-themed spa doll accessories, including a towel wrap, doll mask and pretend nail polish bottle. Plus, she even comes with a comb for kids to brush and style her coral color-streaked ponytail. Glam Spa Baby makes a fun makeup-themed doll for girls and boys ages 3 and up. This Baby Alive doll is also a fantastic toy for kids’ birthday and holiday gifts. Baby Alive and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro. MAKE SPA-THEMED DOLL LOOK GLAM: Baby loves to treat herself! Give Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby a pretty color reveal mani-pedi, and then put the doll’s mask on her face and reveal her eye makeup PAINT BABY’S NAILS AND TOES: With this toy for kids ages 3 and up, fill the pretend nail polish bottle with ice cold water and use brush to reveal a fun magenta color on her fingernails and toenails MAKEUP REVEAL WITH DOLL FACE MASK: Soak mask in ice cold water and place on doll’s face. Peel it off to see her dazzling eye makeup! This Baby Alive doll is a cute makeup-themed toy for girls and boys FLAMINGO-THEMED ACCESSORIES AND BRUSHABLE CORAL-STREAKED HAIR: Includes spa doll accessories, such as a towel wrap, doll mask, pretend nail polish bottle, and a comb for her vibrant ponytail PLAY IN OR OUT OF THE WATER: Glam Spa Baby doll offers so many ways to play! After spa time, kids can help this 12.4-inch waterplay doll take a pretend swim and dry off with a cozy flamingo towel wrap Includes: doll, towel, doll face mask, pretend nail polish bottle, and comb. Figure scale: 12.42 inches For ages 3+ WARNING: Small parts may be generated. Not for use in salt water or chlorinated pool water. Note: Adult should remove and discard fasteners/packaging components.
Roller Skate - Black ₦63,500.00
These Inline skates have adjustable system that provides great fitting by changing size from 7.5J to 11.5J, from 12.5J to 5 Adult Men US size and from 5 to 7 Adult Men US size. Skate body is made of durable plastic to protect the leg from injuries during skating. Soft boot makes skating comfortable and enjoyable - the soft inner lining is made from breathable material. Secure triple closure combination consists of laces, power heel strap and locking buckle. It is a comfortable system to put the leg in or from the skate and fix them safely. It helps to fix ankles and heels in the boot for a greater fit. Wheels (82A hard) are made from polyurethane that makes outdoor skating smooth and comfortable. Inline skates wheels are paired with ABEC-7 bearings that provide smooth and controllable skating for beginners and amateurs. Available in red. Safety First:Make sure you always wear a helmet and protective gears when rollerblading!Younger children should ride under adult supervision!Braking skills First adjust the posture to parallel glide, then support the knees with both hands, squat on both knees, load with the left foot, and then control the braking force by stepping on the right foot brake(Note: For safety, the standard is the right foot single brake)
Fisher-Price Rock 'n Sort Snail Pail ₦27,700.00
Rock 'n Sort Snail Pail - From head to tail, this sweet snail is full of rockin' put and take fun! With 10 colorful shape blocks, little ones can stack 'em up tall or sort 'em into the shell. Once it's filled, just open the lid to spill them out and start again! And when your baby gives the snail a bat, this little play pail shells out learning fun with songs about colors, counting, and shapes! 100% Plastic This stacking and sorting toy offers learning fun with songs, sounds and hands-on activities that introduce your little one to colours, numbers and shapes Features 10 colourful blocks with embossed numbers, a bat-at rocking base and an open/close lid with a shape-sorter Three ways to play: bat-at wobbly base for fun songs, stack the blocks on snail's tail, sort the shapes through the slots on the shell Stacking, sorting and matching the blocks contribute to babies building up dexterity, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills Bright colours and fun sounds engage baby's developing senses.For babies aged 6 months and up
Rainbow High Fashion Studio ₦55,000.00
Legend says at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold. But the truth is, it's something even more amazing. Only a chosen few with an eye for bold fashions can follow the rainbow to Rainbow High, the colorful fashion school where everyone learns to flaunt their true colors. Step into the Rainbow High Fashion Studio, where Avery Styles is ready to find you the perfect look. Create 300+ looks with a rainbow of fashions you can mix and match. The Rainbow High Fashion studio comes with a FREE Exclusive doll, Avery Styles. She's the glam fashion designer that everyone looks up to at school, and she's fully articulated, so she can strike so many glamorous poses. And if you're lucky enough to get an invite into her Fashion Studio, you'll find the perfect look for runway class. Also includes 2 sparkly, interchangeable wigs – one glittering rainbow wig and one luxe, hot pink wig. Change up Avery's look by changing her wigs, or style her without a wig, because she's got a cute pixie cut underneath. She comes with a full rack of rainbow fashions (doll clothes and doll accessories). Enjoy endless fashion play with the gorgeous gold fashion rack, high-end, clear shoe cases, hangers for fashions and a rainbow of hairpins for hair styling. Rainbow High Fashion Studio exclusive fashion doll, 2 interchangeable wigs, 5 tops, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 1 jacket, 1 hoodie, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of shoes, 9 hangers, 5 hairpins, 4 shoe boxes, 1 comb, 1 doll stand and 1 clothing rack. Collect the Rainbow! Collect all the gorgeous Rainbow High fashion dolls to complete the rainbow. Plus, watch the new Animated Series on YouTube! How To Wash Your Rainbow High Doll's Hair 1. To keep your doll's clothes from getting wet, either remove them or cover clothes with a towel. 2. Wet your doll's hair completely with water. 3. Lather in a little shampoo or dish soap to wash out any product or residue. 4. Optional: To soften hair even more, add a bit of conditioner, work in with fingers or comb through hair, then rinse out. 5. Let hair air dry completely. 6. Hair is ready to brush & style. PRODUCT DETAILS Includes FREE Exclusive doll, Avery Styles. Avery is the glam fashion designer that everyone looks up to at Rainbow High. And her Fashion Studio features so many stunning fashions to create the perfect look for runway class. Create 300+ looks Rainbow High Fashion Studio includes a rainbow of fashions (doll clothes and doll accessories) that you can mix & match to create 300+ glamorous looks. Doll is fully articulated and posable. Her arms and legs bend for so many glamorous poses. PRO TIP: When first unboxing doll, wash her hair thoroughly to remove styling gel and let hair dry completely. Then, her hair is ready to brush. Includes 2 Sparkly Wigs – one glittering rainbow wig and one luxe hot pink wig. Change Avery's wigs to totally change up her look. Or style her without a wig, because she has a cute pixie cut underneath.
So You Think You're Nigerian Board Game ₦16,500.00
The SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN game is a card and board combination game that has trivia questions on Nigeria. There are 400 questions in all and they come in categories such as entertainment, history, geography, culture and sports. The board has consequence boxes that reflect on everyday Nigerian living- good and bad. As Nigerians, preserving our historical legacies is increasingly vital as it plays a central role in understanding our knowledge and national identity. By engaging with our culture, entertainment, geography, people, sports and ultimately our history, it is possible to explore these rich cultural, social and educational values for coming generations. The game serves to test our knowledge of Nigerian culture, history, entertainment, geography, sports and people. Players move around the board by answering questions and rolling dice. First player to reach ASO Rock wins the game. PLAYING THE GAME Cards are shuffled and set in 4 piles (by colour) in the middle of board. Each player selects a token and places it on START. Game play is clockwise.Player one takes the dice and selects a colour (player 1 can be selected arbitrarily or by rolling the dice for the highest number). The player immediately to their right picks the top card off the pile of the selected colour and reads it. Player 1 has 30 seconds to answer the question. If they get it right, they play the dice and move forward the number of steps indicated. If the player lands on a consequence space, they obey the instructions on the space (move forward or backward, miss a round or play again). – If a player fails to answer a question correctly, their turn ends and they do not move. Play then passes to the left. Players have 30 seconds to answer a question. Play continues until a player reaches ASO Rock. An exact count is not required to finish. The game – SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN is more than just a family friendly fun board game that challenges knowledge of and familiarity with all things Nigerian; It is a journey that reflects the daily Nigerian experience with it’s highs and lows
Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking Boar... ₦27,500.00
The Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking game presents a modern banking experience for kids in which Monopoly money is replaced by an electronic banking unit and Monopoly game bank cards. Players can use the cards to buy property, pay rent, and collect money when they pass Go. The game comes with 4 favorite tokens: Little Hazel, Little Scottie, Toy Car, and Toy Boat. Players move their tokens around the board, buying the properties they love such as the ice cream parlor, the toy store, and the skate park. It's so much fun for kids to make transactions using bank cards and placing "sold" signs on their very own properties. The player with the most money wins the game. Includes gameboard, banking unit, 4 bank cards, 4 Junior tokens, 20 Chance cards, 48 sold signs, 4 Who's Your Token Character cards, 1 die, and game guide. Monopoly game for younger players Includes easy-to-play electronic banking unit Make payments and track cash with Monopoly game bank cards Features fun, kid-friendly properties Ages 5 and up For 2 to 4 players. Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Adult assembly required. 2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries required (not included)