Teething Remedies

Teething Remedies - Master Kids Company

Teething is bothersome for both mother and child. It’s a painful experience and alters the baby’s routine tremendously. I used to listen to mothers complain about how their babies were teething and I’d be thinking “Yeah, so?” I really did assume it was a walk in the park till my little one showed me different. Imagine my shock when she went from being a quiet energiser bunny to being fussy and cranky.

Teething signs differ with children. But here are some that your little one will most likely exhibit:

  • Flushed face
  • Rashy cheeks
  • Irritable
  • Gum rubbing\Hair and ear pulling
  • Tries to chew, suck and gnaw on literally everything in sight.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Crying! Crying!! Crying!!!

Teething Remedies

I don’t subscribe to giving medication to infants except its really necessary and only as a last resort. I learned a few tricks to soothe my babies’ aching gums and although there will still be a lot of fuss, the crying subsides.
For some reason, people (especially grandmas) link diarrhoea as a sign of teething but if your child has a runny stool, best take her to see a Paediatrician. There’s no tooth in the stool so why runny stool is associated with teething is beyond me! It is down to logic, the gums are itchy, your baby always has her hands in her mouth and because she’s probably still crawling at this time, she tends to pick up a lot of germs.

Teething Rattle

The first solution to a fussy baby during teething is to breastfeed. While that works wonders for some, it is not an option for me as my little one rejected being breastfed from her 3rd month. So far these remedies have worked for me, not only are they cost effective, they are also very easy to pull off.

  • Finger Pressure – I wash my hands well, and rub her gums. She bites down on my finger and I find that she enjoys it, besides there are no teeth yet so no harm, no foul. The pressure on her sore gum is soothing.
  • Face Massage – I put a little coconut oil on my fingers and gently massage her face. Applying a little pressure below her nose, around her cheeks, jaw and chin.
  • Rubber Teether – Her teethers are always in a Ziploc bag in the fridge so they can cool. The chill relieves the aching gums. She rubs the teether on them and the friction makes a squeaky sound.
  • Chilled Fruits – I give her a chilled piece of carrot or cabbage to gnaw on. And I puree cold bananas for her.

Basically, the cool acts as a great soother so as long as it’s safe to put in her mouth, I pop it in the FRIDGE not freezer. Please take note! Other than a slight rise in her temperature, if your baby is sickly, has loose bowels and a chesty cough, she just might have an infection. Don’t self-medicate and don’t guess, take her to a doctor.